Grant Summary
Support for ongoing work.
Artist Statement
I am an author, artist, filmmaker, performer, educator, and healthcare provider living in Seattle, WA. I am a documentarian at heart and love to capture the authentic stories and histories of people, especially those most misunderstood. Themes of disability, sexuality, culture, healthcare, trauma, healing, and resistance appear often in my work. I primarily use brush pens, linocut prints, and charcoal to create my images. I am receiving support from Art Matters to create a collection of video comics titled Casting Shadows, which will feature stories from the lives of people with chronic illness and disability. My book, The Ring of Fire Anthology, was published in 2014. I also have published work in Gay Genius (2011) and The Collective Tarot (2008). I’ve performed with Sins Invalid in California and the dance company Light Motion in Seattle, co-directed Third Antenna: A documentary about the radical nature of drag (2001), and have illustrated countless t-shirts and posters.
  • Homer 2013, ET Russian, Brush pen, paper. Courtesy of the artist.

  • Yulia and ERIK 2012, ET Russian, Linoleum cut print, paper. Courtesy of the artist.

  • HAIR FURLED / UNFURLED 2014, ET Russian, Charcoal on paper. Courtesy of the artist.

  • Long Haired Tomboy 2014, ET Russian, Ink pen, paper. Courtesy of the artist.