Grant Summary
Support for ongoing work.
Artist Statement
My design practice straddles both architecture and installation art. Trained in architecture, I have an independent practice with built commissions ranging from large-scale textile manufacturing facilities to commercial retail designs in both the US and China. The professional experience lends itself to other explorations in the form of visual and installation art, mainly to explore new processes and techniques in material-making that bring into question latent histories, politics, and social concerns in our built context. Common to both practices are projects that deal with questions of labor in its various manifestations – from shifting attitudes toward labor vis-à-vis technology and processes in making to social/cultural associations about the value of labor in relation to global manufacturing, especially to textile manufacturing. These projects aim to position at various scales the loci of labor in the contemporary context.
  • The Spratly Fatigue 2011, Tsz Yan Ng, Installation. Courtesy of the artist.

  • Factory Setting: the space of labor 2013, Tsz Yan Ng with But Sou Lai, Installation. Courtesy of the artist.

  • Lafayette 148 Global Headquarters 2009, Tsz Yan Ng, in collaboration with Mehrdad Hadighi Courtesy of the artist.

  • StereoNegative_a tribute to Tony Smith 2012, Tsz Yan Ng Courtesy of the artist.