Grant Summary
Support for The Tuba Thieves, a film project exploring the recurring theft of sound in Southern California.
Artist Statement
Weaving narrative between film, sculpture/painting and performance, I utilize sound and its synesthetic displacement onto materials. I am building a visual, aural, and haptic vocabulary through varying levels of access to sound, color and material. Currently, my approach reverses the usual process of filmmaking by starting with musical scores I commissioned from composers that experiment with the boundaries of sound. The film’s sound is sculptural, visual and tactile. Further, sound becomes physical in sculptures I consider ‘quasi-closed captions’ for music, inviting access through material, shape, color, form. The sculptures’ titles originate from the screenplay, circling back to film narrative through static object.
  • The Tuba Thieves still , Alison O'Daniel Cinematographer: Meena Singh.

  • Night Sky , Alison O'Daniel Photo: Tom Clancey.