Grant Summary
Artist Statement
I create speculative portraiture and installations that document how mental health affects Black womxn’s experiences of time and space. Using narrative as medium has emerged from my street photography practice, and I still mostly work with the visual, now incorporating performance, installation, and video.I am inspired by Detroit as a port for Black Atlantic theory-making, and Michael Stone-Richards words on the city as body and social practice as care. I study Katherine Dunham Pedagogy and Technique, and often reference the work of Toni Morrison, Josephine Baker, Audre Lorde, adrienne maree brown, Ja’Tovia Gary, dream hampton, Taylor Renee Aldridge, and Jenn Nkiru.
  • Riding with Aunt D. Dot, 2018, bree gant, Film still from a film directed by bree gant. Courtesy of the artist.

  • Auntie, Gant Riding with Aunt Ddot, 2017, bree gant, 35mm film still. Courtesy of the artist.

  • Celia Returns, 2016, bree gant, Digital photograph. Courtesy of the artist.