Grant Summary
Artist Statement
My current art practice explores contemporary Native American identity through the lens of Diné (Navajo) womanhood. Inspired by acts of decolonization, environmental justice, Indigenous feminism, and futurism, my work dares to imagine a world where Native sensibilities are magnified. By way of fragmented abstraction, bodily scale, and the marrying of natural and synthetic materials, my work provokes conversations about what it means to be colonized in the present-day U.S. Additionally, drawing upon minimal forms derived from Diné symbolism, my sculptures, performances, and documentation become living bodies of sharp resistance to assimilation.
  • #Tsiiyéełpowered, 2017, Natani Notah, Film still from documentation of performance. Courtesy of the artist.

  • NO’ LAKES, 2018, Natani Notah, Land O’Lakes novelty mugs filled with black water. Photo by / (slash) art.

  • Inner Child, 2019, Natani Notah, Leather scraps, seed beads, thread, acrylics, artificial fur, sinew, and corn pellets. Courtesy of the artist.

  • Cease, 2019, Natani Notah, Digital photography. Courtesy of the artist.