Grant Summary
Artist Statement
I write as a means of exercising freedom and resilience. Finding its roots at the intersection of poetry, Hip Hop, the black literary tradition and theater, my work is about resonance. I am interested in crafting language in such a manner that the listener, viewer or reader can somehow see themselves or some aspect of their lived experience in the text. I write for change and believe that once someone is personally affected by something the positive social impact begins. I hope my writing can be an impetus for some.
  • Minnesota Prison Project Performance, 2019, Tish Jones. Courtesy of the artist.

  • Be Heard MN, 2019, Tish Jones. Emceeing the youth poetry slam series’ grand slam finals at SteppingStone Theatre. Courtesy of the artist.

  • Sistahs with Soul: The R&B Edition, Season 1, 2018, Tish Jones (Co-Curator). Courtesy of the artist.

  • Full cast of Sutrājal by Ananya Dance Theatre, 2019, Featuring Tish Jones & Douglas Ewart. Courtesy of the artist.